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Why Dampered Zoning System? - Better Temperature Control Over Your Entire House

Why A Dampered Zoning System?

A well designed HVAC zoning system can save you money and deliver year-round balanced comfort in your home. A dampered zone system will provide separate thermostatic control for different areas of your residence, at different times of the day. As the sun proceeds across the sky during the day, the heating and cooling load shifts with the sun. Compare your heating and cooling systems to the lighting in your home. You would never want your entire home lighting to be controlled by a single switch, would you?

The Problem

Let's say that it is a typical NE Ohio winter and your residence faces east. Your living room is on the east side and has large windows. In the morning, the east side of your home has a high heat gain due to the sun shining through the windows. Your thermostat is located here on the east side registering the morning heat gain. The west side of your home gets cold because of no sun hitting here yet. The furnace doesn't come on-it's not needed according to the thermostat over on the hot side of the home.

Now, let's take that same scenario, with the residence split into 2 hvac zones, an east zone and a west zone. There is a thermostat located in each zone. In the morning as the sun is beating through the east windows, the west zone thermostat can call for heating. The furnace comes on, the west zone damper opens and heating is delivered through the ducting only to the west rooms needing heating. The same scenario applies to air conditioning.

Different areas of a residence can call for cooling at different times of the day. And as the sun has moved to the afternoon positions, the west side may not need as much heating, but the east side will need more. This hvac zoning system can accommodate the varying heating or air conditioning loads.

Now, let's apply this same concept to a multiple level home. Basements have totally different loads than main floor levels. And the same goes for upper levels.

Too many multi-level homes are heated and cooled with a single furnace and air conditioner. Almost always the basement is too cold and the upper floor is always too hot.

The thermostat is usually located on the main floor. Therefore, once the thermostat is satisfied by the temperature on the main floor, the heating or cooling system shuts down, regardless of the needs of the upper or basement level. The same issue would be present if the thermostat was located in the basement or upper floor. The other levels would always be overheated or overcooled dependent upon the thermostat location.

The solution?

Provide the capability for different heating and cooling delivery to different areas of the home.

This can be accomplished with multiple small systems, or a main system with separate hvac zoning controls and dampered ductwork feeding different areas of your residence.

The Benefits of a Dampered Zoning System:

  • A single zoned system is much less expensive than multiple systems.

  • Temperature control per zone.

  • Lower operating costs.

  • Unused areas of residence can be shut down until needed, provided no freeze issue exists.

  • Easily shut down unoccupied and unused areas at night, and condition only the sleeping areas until morning.

  • Variable speed motors consume about 1/3 of the power of a conventional blower motor.

How would you like to save hundreds of dollars each year on your electric bill? Like there is any question? You can by Calling Slife Heating & Cooling to install a Zoning System. It divides your home or business into separate comfort areas, cooling or heating them as necessary and saving you money in the process. Our zoning systems provide:

  • Custom settings that suit your comfort levels

  • Four-area zoning that eliminates hot and cold spots

  • Energy efficiency that will save you money

The Zoning System automatically switches between cooling and heating, depending on what you need. And when you combine it with our Lennox variable speed furnace and two-stage air conditioner, the system offers optimal peak efficiency. So if you want a quality system with reliable performance, call us at (216) 221-0310 to schedule a free in-home estimate today!

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